We should draw more

23 May 2022

If you work in tech you’ll likely have to deal with complexity. Ageing codebases, new technologies, scaling up, every step of the way seems to involve wrangling complexity. It’s one thing to get your head around something tricky, but it’s something...

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SYN Flood Denial of Service Attack

20 Feb 2022

Last week I performed a Denial of Service attack against my Raspberry Pi. I used something called a SYN flood attack because it's a really simple and fun way to learn about TCP. Before we go any further I need to just point out that you can get...

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10 Years In Tech

03 Jan 2022

2022 marks the year I will have been in the tech industry for 10(!) years. There have been a lot of changes in that time, both in my life and the tech world, and now feels like an appropriate time to share my thoughts on the past, present, and future...

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On Measuring Engineers

21 Jul 2021

What makes an effective engineer? It’s common to hear an answer that prioritises technical competency. While this is understandable, I think it’s damaging to our industry and the humans that occupy its space. There’s an unfortunate stereotype that...

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Custom JS in Rails 6

28 Mar 2021

I had a JavaScript class that I wanted to make use of in my Rails view. Sounded like a 5 minute job, but I spent a lot of time figuring out what the right approach is. Here's what I ended up with and you can tell me if it's a good or bad idea. Users...

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