On Measuring Engineers

21 Jul 2021

What makes an effective engineer? It’s common to hear an answer that prioritises technical competency. While this is understandable, I think it’s damaging to our industry and the humans that occupy its space. There’s an unfortunate stereotype that...

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Custom JS in Rails 6

28 Mar 2021

I had a JavaScript class that I wanted to make use of in my Rails view. Sounded like a 5 minute job, but I spent a lot of time figuring out what the right approach is. Here's what I ended up with and you can tell me if it's a good or bad idea. Users...

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Awk Notes

19 Jul 2019

The notes below are from my initial readings into Awk, and they demonstrate using it (and some other unix tools) to perform simple text processing. Full disclaimer, I'm still learning this stuff 🙂 Example 1: Tabulating Data Below are some fruits...

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Offline Development

28 Sep 2018

I was recently on a long haul flight from Manchester to San Francisco with no Wi-Fi. As you can imagine, between regular snacks and naps, being off the grid for so long was quite the struggle. A few hours into the flight, I decided to pop out my laptop...

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Proxies in ECMAScript

31 Mar 2018

What are they? Proxies give us greater control over what happens when we interact with objects. They wrap a target object and expose some of the internal operations on it. This means we can customise what happens when we get or set a property, create...

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